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In the field labeled "Variation" you can input text in different languages, a full or a partial word. Perhaps you remember the beginning of the proverb you want to find so you can try it.

Every proverb type has a classification code and its own number in the database (normally beginning from 10, because of technical reasons). You can filter the displayed table by using the dropdown menu in the "Code" field. To clear the filter, select the empty entry at the top of the list.

The literature references (35,563 references from 350 collections or articles)

You can input text in the fields "Abbreviation", "Book author/editor" and "Book title" to filter the displayed table by proverb collections.

By now there are 409 books, collections or other sources.

If you want to refer to Kuusi’s typology, you can use the code & number combination. We will not change the original numbers.